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HOSTING (3 Options for Webs Packages)

|STARTER (Perfect for Groups)

Bandwidth= 5 GB,

Web Storage= 400MB,

Mobile Website= Ad-Free Mobile Site,

High Quality Video Storage= 150minutes,

Web Store Items=10,

Free Google ® AdWords™ Credit* 

Free Facebook® Ads Credits* 

Site Builder Toll= - With Unlimited Pages

Hosting/Month=$ 3.75 = N 600:00

Hosting/Year=N 7,200:00

TOTAL=N72,200:00 /Year 

 (Vat/maintenannce, not Added Yet)

|ENHANCED (Perfect for Organizations)

Email Addresses = 5,

Bandwidth = 25 GB,

Web Storage = 1000MB,

Mobile Website = Ad-Free Mobile Site,

High Quality Video Storage = 1000minutes,

Web Store Items =30,

Free Google ® AdWords™ Credit* 

Free Facebook® Ads Credits*  

Site Builder Toll = With Unlimited Pages


Hosting/Year= 14,400:00

TOTAL= N79,400:00 /Year

SUSEQUENT YEAR=N14,400:00/Year

(Vat/maintenance, not Added Yet)

|PRO (High Traffic or web stores)

Email Addresses = 15,

Bandwidth = 1000 GB,

Web Storage = 5000MB,

Mobile Website = - Ad-Free Mobile Site Plus Premium Features,

High Quality Video Storage = - Unlimited,

Web Store Items  = Unlimited

Free Google ® AdWords™ Credit* 

Site Builder Toll = With Unlimited Pages

Hosting/Month=$16.67= N 2,667:20

Hosting Total=N 32,006.40

TOTAL=N 97,006:40 /Year

SUSEQUENT YEAR=N32,006:40/Year 
 (Vat/maintenance, not Added Yet)

Website Maintenance.

The Website Modification Package costs and duration of time it takes us to complete the modifications are listed below. For the Total Website ReDesign and Convert to eCommerce Packages, contact us for a quote. 

Minor Changes =N=6,000 per 10 updates Varies 

Add/Change a Blog =N=8,500 2 to 3 Days 
Add/Change a Calendar =N=8,000 2 to 3 Days 
Add/Change a Front Page Slideshow =N=7,500 1 to 2 Days 
Add Google Analytics/Sitemaps =N=6,500 1 Day 
Add a New Page =N=3,500 per page 1 to 2 Days 
Add/Change CMS =N=50,000 2 to 3 Weeks 
Add New Online Form =N=6,000 1 to 2 Days 
Creating and Uploading Files =N=4,500 per file 1 to 2 Days

Change of domain name=N15, 000:00

Website Mobile Version=N20, 000:00

Email: [email protected]

Account Details

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Branch: Ile-Ife


Account Number: 0037051780

Sort Code: 0582149101

e-mail: [email protected] 

Note: For  quick response on monthly web maintenance charges, dowload our mocrosoft word format form here , pdf format form here or fill our online form here 

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